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We do field analyses and suggest the best operational work function, provide the best solutions according the needs of our clients.

We are a young and dynamic firm but with 17 years of expertise in Human  Resource Services, with core expertise in fulfilling any kind of recruitment &  staffing requirements. Although, we started primarily as a recruitment-oriented  firm, our natural progression has been into Human Resource Consulting &  Business / Management Consulting, Training & Development. Our client list  expands beyond geographical boundaries – in Kosovo, Macedonia,  Montenegro, Germany, Austria. We recognize the needs of companies and  individuals at home and abroad in specific sectors of the labor market and we  are here to meet these needs. We offer a range of solutions as value-added  services for our customers. We aim to work together with our customers to  build an efficient, successful, dynamic and challenging environment, backed by  a committed workforce to achieve the goals.

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Why Choose E2 Partners
As Your HR Company

Leadership Training

Choose us for Leadership Training, and watch your team evolve into effective and inspiring leaders who drive success.

Corporated Programs

Our Corporate Programs are designed to boost productivity, employee morale, and overall business performance.

Strategic Partners

As your Strategic Partner, we're dedicated to aligning HR practices with your company's long-term vision and objectives.

People Cohesion

Foster People Cohesion with our tailored HR solutions, strengthening teamwork and creating a harmonious workplace.

Improving Resources

Count on us for Improving Resources through efficient HR management, reducing costs while enhancing performance.

Research Strategy

Our Research Strategy ensures that your HR practices stay cutting-edge, giving your business a competitive edge in talent acquisition and retention.

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