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Discover comprehensive HR solutions tailored to your needs, designed to streamline processes and enhance your workforce's efficiency.

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Our talent management expertise ensures you attract, develop, and retain top-tier employees to fuel your company's growth.

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Experience workforce optimization strategies that maximize productivity and drive long-term success for your business.
E2 Partners has been a great business partner and has become an integral part of our staffing strategy! The team does a really good job of sending us applicants that meet our needs and fit our culture. Everyone at E2 Partners has been a pleasure to work with.”E. Hoxha

CONNECTING PEOPLE WITH THE RIGHT JOBS FOR THEM.” Our goal is to understand the needs of the candidate and provide the best solution for future employees and employers.”

The labor market and job seekers have shown major changes in expectations, demands, and needs. This is why our team ensures that the entire team stays up-to-date with the latest changes.


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E2 Partners Group, located in Tirana and with an experience of 20 years, offers services in the fields of human resources, recruitment, consulting, training, and the development of capacities, professions, and personnel structures in your company.

Our Mission

E2 Partners Group has as its mission to recruit talents to contribute to the achievements of your company or business and to the success of its partners through pursuits and personalized human resources solutions. Thanks to our dedicated staff and a range of solutions through development, training, and consulting services, E2 Partners Group can respond immediately and effectively to any staffing need, whether on a permanent, contractual, or temporary basis.

Our Belief System

We aim to work together with our clients to build an efficient, successful, dynamic, and challenging environment, supported by a workforce committed to achieving objectives. At E2 Partners Group, we cultivate our values, which influence: Daily decisions and set the direction for further actions. Whether we are recruiting a candidate or working for a client, our organizational culture helps to meet the needs of these groups. Our recruitment consultants at E2 Partners Group work with clients to understand their business requirements and ensure that clients find the most suitable candidate for the required job. Exceeding expectations and contributing to the success of our clients is something we work hard for and is our focus.

E2 Partners offers comprehensive HR outsourcing services that encompass everything from meticulous recruitment processes to precise payroll management.

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At E2 Partners, we recognize that recruiting the right talent is not just important – it’s mission-critical for the sustained success of your company.


Our commitment to sourcing exceptional talent is at the heart of what we do best!

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    E2 Partners' Proven 3-Step HR Excellence Framework

    At E2 Partners, we pride ourselves on our robust and proven 3-Step HR Excellence Framework. With meticulous assessment, customized solutions, and continuous improvement, our approach ensures that your company's HR practices in Albania are not just compliant but also strategically aligned, empowering your workforce and driving lasting success.

    Assessment and Analysis

    We begin by thoroughly assessing your current HR practices and understanding your unique business needs in Albania. This involves a comprehensive analysis of your workforce, compliance status, and talent management processes.

    Tailored Solutions

    Next, we craft personalized HR solutions specifically designed to address the challenges and opportunities identified during the assessment phase. Our team leverages their local expertise to develop strategies that align with Albanian labor laws and market dynamics.

    Implementation and Continuous Improvement

    We work closely with your company to implement the tailored HR solutions, providing guidance and support every step of the way. Once implemented, we continuously monitor and refine our strategies to ensure they remain aligned with your evolving business goals and the dynamic Albanian HR landscape.

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